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Shipping Accessories – Tape

Shipping things out from your home or business is simple with the proper tools. Keep your supply closet well stocked and ready for projects. Let’s focus a little bit about one of the many shipping accessory you will definitely need. Let’s look at tape. Different tapes are created uniquely for your needs. Use the right tape for the right job.

A strapping tape is exactly what it sounds. It straps, ties or binds objects together. If you have odd-shaped materials, bundle it into one with a strapping tape. It’s the perfect tape for securing loose parts during shipment. Since this tape is fiberglass reinforced, it is able to work on all types of surfaces, especially corrugated boxes. Secure and unitize your pallets. Seal your heaviest packages with a heavy-duty strapping tape.

For a noncritical, light-duty sealing, use a general purpose masking tape. It works great for light-duty packaging or bundling. Its crepe paper backing and rubber-based adhesive prevents the surface package from adhesive damage. A masking tape provides excellent adhesion. Not to worry if the tape was placed in the wrong position. It removes easily and can be repositioned.

For extremely hard-to-stick surfaces such as metal, paper, or plastic, use a transfer tape. Shipping point-of-purchase displays or graphic designs at times require an out of the ordinary tape. Use a transfer tape for these requirements. It will stay on and can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also moisture resistant.

Keep in mind, a shipping tape will be going through a journey from point A to point B. It needs to stay sealed despite possible rain, dirt, and dust. There will also be a change of weather, and therefore your packaging tape must be able to withstand a wide temperature range.

Stick with the best and choose a high-performance, super strong Instabox shipping tape. This will assure that the packages are closed tight, despite possible weather moisture, cold weather or hot summers. Instabox packing tape has extreme holding power and the packages stay sealed for long periods of time. The heavy items stay sealed during transit and the packaging tape is built for rough handling.


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