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Custom Labels

Greek philosopher Aristotle categorized organisms into groups such as genus or species. Effective commercial industries also apply the same method of classification, but apply it towards their stock and inventory. Thousands and thousands of goods and products, usually in its own box, must be classified and identified. This is where custom labels come in.

LablesStart the organization by first having preprinted labels with its unique bar code affixed to each label. Within this package label, each bar code holds the entire information of each content. This is not a guessing game, but a systematic placement of each category and identity. Each custom label holds a wealth of information. It’s information such as the product identity, the manufacturer or distributor. It tells us where the product comes from and where it is going. This information can all be derived from each custom printed label.

Classify each content by using custom printed labels. It is an efficient, time saving and money saving method to move production effectively. When there is order, not chaos, the inventory counts are accurate. The profit margin line is accurate. It quickly allows us to know what stock we have, what we are lacking or missing, or what is in oversupply.

Once the custom labels are affixed, it’s time to compartmentalize. Which items will be going directly to the retailers? Which pallet label will be delivered to the warehouse? Which inventory needs to be stored?

Increase the identity classification by adding images or color to each box label. It’s a quick way to visually associate contents. For instance, when looking at a traffic light, we know red means stop and green means go. Simplify the stock and inventory by using these same principles. Associate the contents with color and images, and productivity will increase. Sorting will be easier and faster.

Take note from Ralph Emerson Waldo who said, “But what is classification but the perceiving that these objects are not chaotic, and are not foreign, but have a law which is also the law of the human mind?” Create order and compartmentalize. Use custom labels as part of the inventory and stock classification. Know your contents. Know where each item is coming and going. It is an efficient, time saving and money saving method to move production effectively.


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