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Why Cardboard Carton Material is Great For Shipping

cardboard carton
When goods are being shipped, they must be contained within some form of packaging. This is to help keep them separate and identifiable. It is also to help with their protection in transit.

Various materials are used for packaging material. Each one has its pros and cons. Cardboard carton however stands out as the most popular choice for items. Often individually for large items and in bulk for smaller items. This is thanks to the unique qualities that we are going to discuss below.


Cardboard shipping boxes are great insulators thanks to their poor thermal conductivity. The air spaces within the material help maintain whatever conditions are in the box when packaged. Many goods can be temperature sensitive.

This quality ensures that they are not affected by whatever temperature changes the box is exposed to on the outside. It is a great benefit in long-distance shipping, especially where the weather can drastically change while the box is in transit.

High Strength

is a surprisingly strong material. It is strong thanks to the fluted layers of paper that with firm heavy paper. This makes it resistant to punctures and creates a cushioning effect that helps protect contents.

It is this gentle sturdiness that makes cartons great for packaging sensitive items like electronics and dishes. The vertical arrangement of the layered paper ensures the shape of the box holds up well even under the pressure of stacking.


The lightweight nature of cardboard shipping boxes are extraordinary. Many other shipping materials can be made more insulated with packaging filler. They can also be structurally strong.

This not only makes the physical handling of the packages easier, but it also drastically reduces shipping costs. Shipping costs are partly based on the weight of the cargo. Decreasing the weight of the package lowers the overall cost.


Cardboard is very cheap to manufacture and source. You can easily find this material in just about any household or office. When you order them in whatever size, you will find that the unit cost is quite low. You can even secure cheaper deals by requesting quotes from multiple manufacturers and seeking bulk quantities. Bulk orders tend to come with deeper discounts.

A cardboard carton can easily be recycled, reused, repurposed, and up-cycled.  They are sturdy enough to reuse for other purposes.  They are manageable and lightweight when it is time to recycle them.

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