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How Small Businesses Benefit From Using Corrugated Fibreboard Boxes

corrugated fibreboard boxes
When starting a small business that sells physical products, one of the key considerations has to be packaging. One has to decide if there is to be packaging and what kind. Packaging of some form is often necessary, if only to provide containment through which product can be delivered to the client. It can be less necessary if the business only deals with customers that visit the store to pick products from the shelves or counter.

A corrugated fibreboard box is a good option for many products for several reasons.

Adds Prestige

Consumers often find products that are well packaged and displayed in boxes to be of greater value than those that are simply on open display. When the design of the packaging is well done, it assures the buyer that the product is of good quality. It also suggests care is taken to keep the contents of the box secure, which can be especially important if the items are fragile. Many appreciate buying an item that has not been handled by others.

Brand Boosting of Corrugated Fibreboard Boxes

Corrugated fibreboard boxes can easily be customized. Their material allows for the boxes to be personalized in a variety of colors, logos, and other print. With a well-chosen design, a business can help boost the visibility of their brand and make it more recognizable in the market. Small businesses should use this in tandem with other marketing efforts to make it easier for existing and potential customers to easily find them. Providing such information like the company website URL or social media links can also help.

Protection from Corrugated Fibreboard Boxes

One of the key design features of corrugated fibreboard boxes is that the walls are made up of layered paperboard that is great for absorbing impact. That means your product will often remain well-protected. This can be especially vital during transit when the product is being delivered to a client. The material of the box increases the likelihood of the product reaching its destination intact.


For small businesses, the budget for such expenses as the packaging will likely be limited. Thankfully, a corrugated fibreboard box is made of cheap material that makes placing such an order often affordable. You will hardly need to make much of a mark-up on your product to cover the cost. And keep in mind that most manufacturers of such packaging will offer deep discounts if you order in bulk quantity. Even if you place an order from a factory that is distantly located, the lightweight nature of the boxes still encourages low delivery costs.

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