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Packing Tape

Our packing tape comes in different sizes and strength.

For light to moderate use we recommend the economical 3M #369 packing tape. It is instantly adhesive, sticks to most surfaces and it is easily released. It is moderately resistant to tears or splits.

For more demanding applications, such as use on single wall boxes, you should use something like the 3M #371 packing tape. It is well known for its consistent hot melt adhesive. It will not crack, dry out or peel. It is also waterproof and weatherproof.

We also offer premium grade PVC packing tape of various colors, such as clear, tan and white.

Premium grade PVC packing tapes are ideal for carton sealing to secure all boxes. PVC packing tape is easy to apply with a heavy-duty tape dispenser.

You can write on PVC packing tape and it doesn’t turn yellow over time.

Packing Tape

Packing Tape

3126 3M #369 (Clear) 48mm x 100m 1
3128 3M #369 (Tan) 48mm x 100m 1
3221 3M #371 (Clear) 48mm x 100m 1
3222 3M #371 (Tan) 48mm x 100m 1
3223 3M #371 (Clear) 72mm x 100m 1
2231 Tesa #4264 (Clear) 48mm x 100m 1
2232 Tesa #4264 (Tan) 48mm x 100m 1
2620 Premium Grade Clear PVC 50mm x 66m 1
2837 Premium Grade White PVC 50mm x 66m 1
3175 Premium Grade Tan PVC 50mm x 66m 1