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Filament Tape

Filament tape also known as strapping tape has various uses such as bundling materials, reinforcing boxes, sealing corrugated fiber boxes and more. It is made of a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Various type of filament tape are available, some capable of handling up to 300 LB of tension per inch.

Use of this tape is ideal for sealing corrugated boxes like full overlap box, five panel wraps boxes and telescoping boxes.

We offer filament tapes ranging in size between 12mm and 24mm by 55. You can apply it more efficiently with one of our hand held tape dispensers.

Filament Tape

Filament Tape

2177 Tesa #53317 12mm x 55m 1
2178 Tesa #53317 18mm x 55m 1
2179 Tesa #53317 24mm x 55m 1
1659 Tesa #53317 36mm x 55m 1
2838 Tesa #53317 48mm x 55m 1
3129 3M #8934 Utility Grade 12mm x 55m 1
3130 3M #8934 Utility Grade 18mm x 55m 1
3131 3M #8934 Utility Grade 24mm x 55m 1
3630 24″ x 100′ T220 1