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Double Sided Tapes

The Tesa® 4970 is a thick white double-sided self-adhesive tape. It consists of tackified acrylic adhesive and a PVC film backing.

It is excellent for high tack and instant adhesion. It offers good bonding performance on dusty or rough surfaces. It is long lasting.

The 3M9579 is also excellent for high tack. It is easy to tear, pressure sensitive on either side. It works very well on a variety of surfaces.

We offer double sided tapes with a width ranging between 9mm and 48mm.

All of our double sided tapes are ideal for mounting POS (point-of-sales) displays.

TESA Double Sided Tapes

Double Sided Tapes

4252 Double Sided #9579 12mm x 33m 1
4253 Double Sided #9579 18mm x 33m 1
4254 Double Sided #9579 24mm x 33m 1
4255 Double Sided #9579 36mm x 33m 1
4256 Double Sided #9579 48mm x 33m 1
3483 Double Sided PVC #4970 9mm x 50m 1
2917 Double Sided PVC #4970 12mm x 50m 1
2947 Double Sided PVC #4970 19mm x 50m 1
2918 Double Sided PVC #4970 25mm x 50m 1
3148 Double Sided Cloth Tape 48mm x 33m 1